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Ever since common people became really aware of international spying agencies reading their private messages, a new type of apps emerged.

These apps are focused on security and encryption. Encryption basically means that apps send people’s messages as a code that only the sender and receiver can read.

One of these Messenger App is Telegram, which can be used on all your devices simultaneously (no matter how far your mobile is from your computer).

The Telegram Messenger App also promises spy-free communication with not only encryption but also self-destructing messages, at speeds reportedly higher than WhatsApp.

One of Telegrams backers recently launched a contest claiming he will give 200,000 USD to those who could break into Telegram’s encryption codes. This shows that the Telegram Messenger App is really confident about its claim of privacy!

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Telegram seems to be a no-frills Messenger App that offers group video chat (100 people can chat at one time), and social networking integration (You can post a message directly from telegram to Facebook and Twitter).

The developers claim that telegram is the safest and fastest instant messaging platform out there because its messages are not saved in one server but many servers across the world. This makes it harder for anyone to track a message sent through this Messenger App.

On the other hand, self-destructing messages will ensure that all footprint of your conversation will be gone after the chat session is over. That’s pretty neat for privacy freaks, but in case you decide to save your chats for reference in the future, you can choose to do so.

In addition, there are no message size or length restrictions, and you can forward media and files, including videos.

Telegram promises that it will always be free with no ads, internal purchases, or subscription requests ever.

Overall, the Telegram Messenger App does what it says; it’s a plain-Jane secure messaging app that’s more feature-loaded than its competitors.

Many of these features are not there on WhatsApp, and these might just become the reasons why people will move to Telegram in the future, despite WhatsApp’s mass presence.