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In case you are concerned about what your child watches on YouTube (Which you should be) there’s great news for you! Google has introduced new features to let parents censor what their children on YouTube’s recently-introduced YouTube Kids.

The YouTube Kids team has curated content that only kids should watch and make only trusted channels visible on the platform for parents to choose. The topics of these channels will vary from arts & crafts and music to sports and learning.

Parents can hide or show channels right from the profile settings to ensure that kids don’t accidentally unblock something.

This gives parents much more control over what they let their children watch while ensuring that YouTube Kids continues to retain its variety of content.

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Parents have the ability to turn search off within the YouTube Kids app, but they have more control. They will be able to make search limit on the YouTube Kids experience to channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team.

This means that ‘search off’ will not include recommendations from the broader YouTube Kids array of content.

Parents who like the current version of YouTube Kids can keep it as it is. Google said it will continue to fine-tune, test and improve its filters for the more open version of the app and will welcome parents blocking or flagging videos they fee have no place there.