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Trend Alert: Sexual Harassment and Blackmail of Girls on Whatsapp Messenger and Snapchat

Two incidents of online harassment of girls this month have brought the focus back on the urgent issue of online harassment and blackmailing in UAE. Most of these reports show that girls are more common targets of online harassment and blackmailing compared to boys.

Warning to UAE Snapchat Users over Hacks and Privacy

Security experts in the UAE recently alerted that Snapchat has a few safety and privacy concerns about which users in this region should be aware of. Widely used by children and teenagers (8 to 19 years) in the UAE, experts believe that Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature can reveal users’ location if they opt-in for this feature. This feature shows where a user is at every time the user logs into Snapchat.

Facebook Malware Alert: The Facebook Password Stealer can Steal your Passwords!

People who are planning to hack others’ Facebook accounts might just be in for a rude surprise! A new software called the Facebook Password Stealer claims that it can help people steal other’s passwords, but it actually steals passwords of the person who downloads it!

Is the Criminal Dark Net Spreading in the UAE, as Thousands Download TOR?

On July 11, 2017, British model Chloe Ayling was drugged and abducted in Milan by human traffickers to be allegedly sold on the Dark Net as a sex slave in an Arab country. When the 20-year-old recently arrived in Milan “for a photo shoot”, she didn’t have the faintest clue of the fact that she had already walked into a trap set by Dark Net criminals.

Six Ways to Stay Legally Safe while Using Social Media

Recently a girl and three young men were detained by the police in Abu Dhabi for publishing a video that’s “offensive to the society”. Knowing what’s good social media conduct in this region isn’t tough, as governments have social media guidelines you can follow. e.g. the UAE government has a set of guidelines you can refer to: