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Apple is Slowing down your iPhone and you didn’t even Know it!

Recent revelations from Apple confirmed what many iPhone users confirmed what many iPhone users suspected. Apple slows down older phones. Here’s the purported reason behind this deliberate slowing down of phones – The Lithium-ion batteries in aging devices cannot keep up with peak demand for power.

These Apps were Banned by the Apple App Store. Here’s why

Apps seem to be everywhere and there is an app conceivably for everything these days (well, almost everything). Mention apps and we think of something that has utility or entertainment value and it gives us various reasons to use our phones in cool ways. But have you ever thought that there might be apps that are absolutely nonsensical or downright hideous?

Six Apps you must have on your Phone to Make Life Simpler!

It’s no news that productivity apps make life really simple in many ways. But choosing the wrong app and getting used to it might just be a wastage of time! We want to save you from the trouble of looking out for the best app. Without much ado, let’s get on with the list! Here are 10 productivity app recommendations you should check out!

Don’t be Scammed by this Fake Emirates Airlines Survey

Emirates airline has requested residents to never respond to this fake survey, and abstain from sharing it with friends. According to the airline’s spokesperson, investigation of this scam is now underway, and appropriate action will be taken against the perpetrators.

Apple Plans More Features for Parents to Control Kids’ Phone Use

Apple Inc. said it plans new features to help parents control how children use its smartphones, responding to criticism from two shareholders about the entrancing qualities and potential mental health impact of the company’s iPhone.