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Blue Whale not Responsible for Student Suicides, Police Affirm

In the last few days the suicide of two Pinoy teenagers in Dubai has been the talk of the town, with most people speculating that the notorious Blue Whale game caused this. The Dubai police confirmed that it was a rumour. According to Police authorities, the boy and girl from grade 10 in a school in Al Qusais, who committed suicide last week had been suffering from depression due to familial reasons.

Facebook comes down Heavily on Fake News

Facebook had recently introduced a feature for users to set a Red Flag for fake news, but it didn’t seem to work as expected. This time around Facebook has introduced even more aggressive measures against the fake news epidemic. Facebook now has an army of fact-checkers (companies have been hired for this job) that will verify if a piece of news is fake. In case a reported is verified as untrue, Facebook will shrink the visibility of that report in people’s newsfeed to make it virtually invisible.

YouTube Kids Launches more ways for Parents to Filter Content

In case you are concerned about what your child watches on YouTube (Which you should be) there’s great news for you! Google has introduced new features to let parents censor what their children on YouTube’s recently-introduced YouTube Kids. The YouTube Kids team has curated content that only kids should watch and make only trusted channels visible on the platform for parents to choose. The topics of these channels will vary from arts & crafts and music to sports and learning.

Are VPNs Legal in GCC, Egypt and Iraq?

VPNs are much sought after in this region (GCC, Egypt and Iraq), especially with various sights and apps being blocked by governments. Installing a VPN app on your phone or laptop makes the whole internet accessible to you, but you must stay cautious and know VPN rules in your country well before biting the forbidden apple.

10 Things you Should Never Share on Facebook

Facebook has become a window to people’s personal lives, with users of this social media giant posting every small and big moments of their lives and information. They say Facebook knows you more intimately than even your closest friends, thanks to all the activity you indulge in on your Facebook page.