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Did you know that spying agencies of many countries these days have tools to access all your information online, including your private messages, your images, and your web camera?

Still thinking why would you want to look out for the best browser for internet privacy, if you can simply use Google Chrome, or Firefox?

Well here’s why. Did you know that your location, and virtually anything you browse through popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox can be tracked? It’s like putting a camera in your bedroom and letting people see whatever you do there!

Assuming that you are not a drug dealer, you are not being hunted by the government, and you want to protect the anonymity of your IP address, certainly Tor is the best thing for you! It is undoubtedly the best browser for internet privacy.

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Tor is a common tool used by government agents, investigative journalists, and anyone who wants to exchange information on the internet, without being tracked.

It’s called the Onion Router. Basically, when you enter the Tor network, it passes you through multiple servers across the globe, before you can access the website. This is done to make it look like you are at various locations across the globe, at one time, making it virtually impossible for anyone to track your location.

Tor is still one of the slowest browsers because it directs you to many servers before opening something you are looking for online.

It’s important to remember that Tor doesn’t encrypt your information (turn the information you exchange online into a code that only you and the person you are interacting can read). Tor simply makes you anonymous online.

Your location can be traced through your IP address (something like a pin code in your physical address) that your internet service provider gives you. Tor simply makes your IP address untraceable.