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Don’t fall for these Scam Apps on Google Play Store

Did you know that the Google Play store is filled with scam apps? While this may or may not be surprising to you, it’s actually quite possible that you might have one or several of these apps installed on your device. You will be surprised to know that these scam apps are actually some of the most popular apps on Google Play. Some of these are ‘battery savers’, ‘phone performance boosters’, and even anti-virus apps!

Don’t Become a Victim of Fake News. You Might be Spreading Rumours Unknowingly!

Everyone is using the term fake news these days, and the online world is under tremendous pressure to distinguish fact from fiction, and true headlines from completely misleading headlines. As the fake news epidemic spreads and people across the world are getting misled by rumour instead of good old factual news, fact-checking organisations are now working towards addressing this issue.

Is Amazon Alexa Listening to your Secret Conversations?

Many people these days use a personal assistance device called Alexa that looks and performs like a speaker, and does many other things on just a voice command such as, ‘Alexa, order pizza for me’. Sounds cool. Well, this is no doubt a device that makes life really easy, but there’s a seemingly creepy side to it, which you need to be aware of.

Apple is Slowing down your iPhone and you didn’t even Know it!

Recent revelations from Apple confirmed what many iPhone users confirmed what many iPhone users suspected. Apple slows down older phones. Here’s the purported reason behind this deliberate slowing down of phones – The Lithium-ion batteries in aging devices cannot keep up with peak demand for power.

These Apps were Banned by the Apple App Store. Here’s why

Apps seem to be everywhere and there is an app conceivably for everything these days (well, almost everything). Mention apps and we think of something that has utility or entertainment value and it gives us various reasons to use our phones in cool ways. But have you ever thought that there might be apps that are absolutely nonsensical or downright hideous?